Computing Architect 3

Company Name:
The Boeing Company
Location North Charleston, SC
Security Clearance Required? Ability to Obtain Interim and/or Final Clearances (Post Start) - US Citizenship Required
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## Position Description
As part of IT Enterprise Architecture Future State Technology Architecture team you will have an opportunity to be part of a small, growing, flexible team to grow and develop your career in a challenging environment. You will be responsible for participating in building, maintaining, and evolving a continuous integration based environment for enterprise-wide technology stacks and implementation patterns. The project has executive backing and visibility, and Boeing needs the right person to meet the challenging goals. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working across organizational boundaries to participate in the definition of standard deployable architecture patterns. He/she will have strong problem solving skills with a demonstrated aptitude for learning and implementing emerging technologies. Prepares initial design constraints and ensures architecture conforms to requirements. Incorporates architecture functions into software development lifecycle. Develops and maintains architecture views and models. Performs initial assessments of feasibility of architecture solutions and alternatives. Performs initial assessment of product suitability for integration into delivery system environments. Assists with assessment of impact of architectural decisions to product lifecycle. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate to learn, influence, and change the way Boeing builds enterprise information technology stacks and applications.
Skills & Knowledge:
object oriented programming and design skills
software development experience in a least one of the following areas: .net, Java, mobile, cloud
software modeling experience
Broad knowledge of IT concepts, including application development, middleware, integration, infrastructure, and/or networks
software engineering experience
## Competencies
+ Build Positive Relationships
Builds effective working relationships within the work group, with interorganizational employees, and occasionally with external customers. Probes for and provides information to clarify situations. Seeks and expands on original ideas, enhances others' ideas, and contributes own ideas about the issues at hand. Places higher priority on team and organization goals than on own goals. Seeks agreement from work group, with other employees, and occasionally with external customers to support ideas or take partnership-oriented action; uses sound rationale to explain value of actions. Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions.
+ Communication
Clarifies purpose and importance; stresses major points; follows a logical sequence. Keeps the audience engaged through use of techniques such as analogies, illustrations, humor, an appealing style, body language, and voice inflection. Frames the message in line with audience experience, background, and expectations; uses terms, examples, and analogies that are meaningful to the audience. Seeks input from audience; checks understanding; presents message in different ways to enhance understanding. Uses syntax, pace, volume, diction, and mechanics appropriate to the media being used. Accurately interprets messages from others and responds appropriately.
+ Continuous Learning
Seeks and uses feedback from own work group, other work groups, and occasionally external customers and a wide range of other sources of information to identify appropriate areas for learning. Identifies and participates in appropriate learning activities (e.g., courses, reading, self-study, coaching, experiential learning) that help fulfill learning needs. Participates in learning activities in a way that makes the most of the learning experience (e.g., takes notes, asks questions, critically analyzes information, keeps on-the-job application in mind, does required tasks). Consistently puts new knowledge, understanding, or skill to practical use on the job; furthers learning through trial and error. Places self in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations in order to ask questions and learn; takes on challenging or unfamiliar assignments.
+ Systems Thinking
Evaluates job tasks and processes on how well they help meet team objective(s); identifies non-value-adding components and barriers. Formulates change strategies; seeks input from others to evaluate options for change and encourage buy-in. Makes appropriate changes to job/role structures and processes by communicating effectively and focusing on new skill development. Uses accurate measurement systems to monitor the implementation.
+ Delivery Systems Architecture
Complete ability to model and analyze data from a computing technical and total IT viewpoint, and integrate into an overall computing system and network architecture. Develops hardware and software architectures and programs that link hardware and platforms in a Network Centric environment. Complete knowledge of Network Engineering (global, Wireless, MPLS, Connections, Sat), Infrastructure Security (Access, Identification, anti-hacker, visitor net) and Collaboration technologies and Messaging to drive NCO and Virtual work place for the next decade.
+ Enterprise Architecture
Complete ability to work across the enterprise, model and analyze data from a computing technical and total business viewpoint, and integrate into an overall computing system and application systems architecture. Complete ability to connect the networking, processing, and data management that provides the most effective computing infrastructure.
+ IT Architectural Knowledge
Complete knowledge of IT architectural concepts, principles, standards, tools, techniques, and methodologies.
+ System Integration/Design
Complete ability to build computing systems from a variety of components to provide a business solution, including the ability to integrate application components and databases across computing platforms.
+ Technical Translation
Complete ability to interpret business requirements and translate them into technical requirements.
Basic Qualifications For Consideration
Do you have object oriented programming and design skills?
Do you have software development experience in a least one of the following areas: .net, Java, mobile, cloud?
Do you have software modeling experience?
Do you have software engineering experience?
Do you have any experience working with IT concepts, including application development, middleware, integration, infrastructure, and/or networks?
## Typical Education/Experience
Technical bachelor's degree and typically 5 or more years' related work experience or a Master's degree with typically 3 or more years' or a PhD degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A technical degree is defined as any four year degree, or greater, in a mathematic, scientific or information technology field of study.
## Other Job related information
Business Unit Engineering Ops & Tech
Division Information Technology
Program It Architecture
Job Type Non-Management
Experience Level Career/Experienced
US Person Status Required? No
Closing Date: 03/26/2014about closing dates
Date: 3/13/2014
Category: Information Technology
City: North Charleston
Country: USA
State: South Carolina
Requisition ID: 14-1004067

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