Survey Agent Representative

Company Name:
luxury shopping sales
Survey Agent Representative
We are seeking the service of a survery account representative in your area, What this job (Survey Agent's Position) entails is to conduct surveys at any of our client's retail outlet assigned to you . You will be patronizing their business and conducting a survey at the same time. During a typical survey session, you will make observations at a specific store/office, restaurant, mostly is in regards to the customer relationship their staffs offer.
Any job experience can apply for this position Age: 18yrs and above. You will receive $350 on each survey you conduct at any time and also have access to training materials immediately you sign up. No commitment is involved, This job won't disturb your present job and also you will have flexible working hours.
Only interested and competent applicant should reply to this email today :
Once we receive your information and processed it on our data base, we will get back to you with details on your Survey .
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